James Hardie invented fibre cement

Over 6 million installations later, we continue to set the standard in premium, high-performance interior and exterior building materials. Our products deliver uncompromising durability and quality of finish for a more beautiful, low maintenance home. With James Hardie® building solutions, you build a house with an exterior that’s tougher than the elements, and an interior that’s designed to last.

Our scientists continue to research and develop raw material innovations, to enable us to manufacture new enhanced, smart building products.  The development of our present day fibre cement formulation took place over decades of research from our science and engineering teams.

1st Generation Fibre Cement

James Hardie invented fibre cement in the 1970s. After perfecting our formulation, we launched the first James Hardie fibre cement product in Australia and the US in the 1980s.

2nd Generation Fibre Cement

Wanting to improve the durability of our cladding, we worked on how to make field applied paint longer lasting and more beautiful. We developed a primer for the boards that allowed the paint to properly adherer and have the perfect coverage.

3rd Generation Fibre Cement

The next challenge was to improve the boards’ water resistance. We enhanced with the products’ substrate composition, removed fillers and compacted the boards’ particles to ensure that water intrusion was minimal.

4th Generation Fibre Cement

After mastering water resistance and paint adhesion, we re-engineered our surface adhesion technology. The result was a low maintenance cladding board that promised no cracking, colour fading or chipping.

5th Generation Fibre Cement

With the success of our superior boards, we no longer wanted to depend on field applied paint that produced inconsistent results. James Hardie developed a long-life, durable, coloured coating and application method: ColourPlus Technology. Our new formulation meant a paint that was flexible enough to work with the contours of the board without compromising on adhesion. Now in a controlled environment, we were also able to apply multiple, even coats of colour and bake the paint onto the boards for extra resilience.

Now all James Hardie materials were controlled in our own plant, from raw materials to finishing.

6th Generation Fibre Cement

Now experts in our field, we worked on making our boards slim line and easier to install by reducing the weight of our products.

7th Generation Fibre Cement

With James Hardie customers worldwide and weather conditions variable, we developed HardieZone Technology, a range of climate specific fibre cement technologies to tackle with the weather that your home is subjected to. From heavy rain, to blistering sun, from thick ice to high winds, HardieZone has the corresponding product to better combat all weather.

HardiePlank® is a fire resistant cladding board carrying A2 and s1-d0 fire ratings. In this video see how HardiePlank withstands fire and how it compares to wood and vinyl cladding.

Not all fibre cement is the same. Here’s why:

1. James Hardie fibre cement is developed with seventh generation fibre cement technology. All our products undergo more than 40 rigorous quality assurance checks during the production process. We leave nothing to chance to ensure our products do what we promise: protect homes to the maximum.

2. Only James Hardie fibre cement products are engineered for climate using HardieZone™ Technology. Our unique product formulation has enabled us to create the most durable cladding and backerboard products ever made. Our products won’t shrink, swell or crack, even after years of extreme conditions. Using proprietary additives, we’ve created a fibre cement substrate specifically engineered to reduce water absorption and resist damage from wet or freezing conditions. So whatever the climate, our products will weather it!

3. Advanced ColourPlus™ Technology on James Hardie exterior products makes your project more fade resistant from high UV levels, requiring less repainting.

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