Fresh Colours

Lush and verdant like a summer garden, these silver greens and soft creams mirror the freshness of new leaves and soft petals. Ideal as an accent, these contemporary tones come into their own as a main colour for a more design-led feel or clever alternative to white and grey. Get inspired by our fresh colour palette for our fibre cement cladding products.

Designer’s Recommendation

Look to your neighbourhood for inspiration on colours too. It’s alright to want your home to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t want it to jar with its environment either.

Avoid trying to match your garage or front door to your facade. Remember colour helps to highlight features, everything in the same colour hides your home’s design details.

Mountain Sage

A natural green that’s neither too light nor too dark, Mountain Sage is a great in-between. It pairs well with soft neutrals and will add character with its understated presence. Match with an accent in Soft Green and trim in Arctic White.