Warm Colours

Vibrant and tactile, these reds and browns are imbued with the warmth of sun-baked earth and strength of timber. Choose from deeply pigmented traditional shades to more muted tones capturing the essence of classic terracotta rooves and beautifully aged ash. Get inspired by our warm colour palette for our fibre cement cladding products.

Designer’s recommendation

Use a soft contrast between body and trim colours to make your home appear larger. Generally speaking, if using a different colour, we would advise using a lighter colour trim.

Don’t forget about lighting. By day, light fixtures enhance a home’s design; when turned on at dusk, they create a sense of intimacy and safety. Choose white lights for contemporary or cool coloured facades and yellow lights to enhance warmer hues.

Chestnut Brown

Alluring, warm colours that feel so inviting that you almost want to touch them, warm hues are perfect for traditional houses in rural areas and older cities.

Traditional Red

Imagine an afternoon drive through the countryside, weaving through cornfields dotted with red farmhouses. That is the comforting feeling that warm red evokes. This shade offers character, which works well mixed with monochrome or neutral tones. Try it with an accent in Sail Cloth and trims in Arctic White.

Khaki Brown

Like your favourite pair of khaki slacks, this warm, mid tone brown pairs equally well with darker or lighter hues. Try it with Heathered Moss for a woodsy feel, or with Traditional Red for a bolder look.