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Hardie® Plank: Studlands Park – the start of a major estate transformation!

Hardie® Plank: Studlands Park – the start of a major estate transformation!

When homeowner Caroline Smith was refused home insurance on her timber clad house, it was the final push she needed to look to re-clad the property. After investing lots of time and money over the years in repairing and repainting the facade of her half wrap timber and brick terrace in Studlands Park, Newmarket; the time had come to look for a better, more durable alternative.
After hearing about Hardie® Plank fibre cement cladding, Caroline decided to take the plunge and be the first home on this estate of several hundred properties to rejuvenate the facade.

Caroline states ‘The wood on the house was fitted a long time ago and it was definitely due an overhaul.  We have had to constantly re-paint the house over the years as it fades and looks patchy.  We’d also noticed that the wood was starting to rot and wanted to replace with a product that wouldn’t have these issues.’
The durability and low maintenance of Hardie® Plank cladding were not the only factor to consider though, with health and safety playing a key role.

‘I was also nervous about sticking with timber cladding on our home due to the potential fire risk.  It was really important to me to protect my family and to have a non-combustible product on the facade’ adds Caroline.

From an aesthetic point of view, the family were keen to have something modern that was also in-keeping with the rest of the estate. Hardie® Plank weatherboard in pearl grey – which forms part of the James Hardie grey palette – offered a great compromise between being fresh and light, whilst also being bang on the current monochrome trend.

Results wise, the Smith family couldn’t be happier: ‘The results are stunning.  The house looks fresh and modern. I love the pearl grey colour that seems to change hue depending on the weather.

‘As an added benefit, we took the opportunity to add insulation before replacing the cladding, and what a difference it’s made! Much warmer from the day the new cladding went on, and my heating bills have definitely decreased.’

Occupying a prime position on the edge of the Studlands Park estate, on a main arterial road into Newmarket, the transformation has certainly attracted lots of attention, with two other properties also re-cladding their facades within weeks of the Hardie® Plank weatherboard installation.

Caroline has also wasted no time in recommending the product to neighbours.

‘I would definitely recommend Hardie® Plank cladding. Our house used to look drab, sad and tired, but now it reflects us as a family; happy and bright with a lifetime ahead of us. I would love to see our whole estate re-clad in Hardie® Plank cladding, it would look a much happier place!’


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