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New installation videos: How to cut HardieBacker®

New installation videos: How to cut HardieBacker®

We’ve added seven new videos to our YouTube channel on how to cut 6mm and 12mm HardieBacker® tiling backerboard.

In these instruction videos, learn how to cut HardieBacker® boards with an easy score and snap technique, using the HardieBacker™ Score-and-snap knife. The videos also detail how to deal with corner notches; cut off edges; and how to smooth cut edges.

Watch the video below or on the James Hardie YouTube Channel.

Cutting HardieBacker® 6mm: Score & Snap:

Cutting HardieBacker® 12mm: Score & Snap:

HardieKnife Best Practice Video:

Cutting HardieBacker® 12mm: Score & Snap thin edges:

Cutting Hardiebacker® 12mm: Tackling corner notches:

Cutting HardieBacker® 6mm: Tackling corner notches:

Cutting HardieBacker®: Smoothing the cut edge:

HardieBacker® board is a cement tiling backerboard especially suited to installation as a tiling base in wet areas.

HardieBacker® board is water resistant and fire resistant; and is often used as alternative to plywood, chipboard, plasterboard as tiling backer board.
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