Cool Colours

Inspired by the English seascape and its changing skies, calming blues and off whites evoke the chic of classic beachside living. Whether it’s night sky blue or cloud grey, these chic shades offer instant transportation to the stark beauty of the coast, perfect for achieving that classic weatherboard look. Get inspired by our cool colour palette for our fibre cement cladding products.

Designer’s Recommendation

Don’t forget your roof. If it’s in good shape and you like it, then make sure the colour of your cladding goes with it. If you plan on replacing it soon, then don’t worry too much; choose colours you love, and your roof will follow suit.

Boothbay Blue

Like sitting at the water’s edge just as the sun starts to set, Boothbay Blue has a soothing effect. It is the perfect shade for those who love blue and are looking for a softer option.

Evening Blue

Like a navy blue suit or a midnight-blue evening gown, there is nothing classier than a deep-blue house, whether nestled in the country or city. Evening Blue is a striking shade that works with nearly any style architecture.