For the tightest, water-resistant fit

Make sure your sustrate  fits perfectly and stays fixed – with clean-cut edges that align tightly when you use our purpose-made tools and accessories. The HardieBacker® Score-and-Snap Knife not only guarantees you cut HardieBacker backer board precisely,  but in record time as well. Extra strength screws ensure our impervious and strongest-on-the-market cement board stays fixed, with the power to hold up to 200 kg/m².

Better cuts with HardieBacker cement board

Simple score and snap

Make 2-3 passes with a HardieBacker Score and Snap Knife or any utility knife. Place one hand and knee firmly along the score line and use the opposite hand to pull the board up toward yourself.

A strong foundation

Tighter seam lines make for a stronger underlay.

Less mess

Less mess and cleaning up than other cement boards.


No abrasive debris to scratch floors.

Less dust

No other cement board cuts cleaner.

Get the looks

Our cladding comes in colours inspired by nature. Whatever the environment, James Hardie houses always look at home. Warm or cold, fresh or neutral, light or dark? Pick your favourite hues and start living colourfully.

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