Why choose HardieFloor?

  •  Direct to joist
  •  Supports all floor finishes
  •  Optimises underfloor heating
  •  Water resistant


Say hello to hassle free, direct to joist installation with the HardieFloor® smart flooring range. It’s the smart, all-in-one solution for your long-lasting structural flooring needs.

This multi-purpose flooring is as easy and lightweight to install as timber, while providing the robust feel of cement. HardieFloor requires no additional priming or overlay, while the slim-line tongue and groove system guarantees speedy and firm installation.

The premium robust floor

Why settle for cheap alternatives? With a HardieFloor structural flooring on your next project you’ll have the peace of mind that your floor won’t warp.

  • Our cement formulation makes HardieFloor the durable solution for joisted floors
  • Provides up to 75% less build-up than traditional screed
  • High point load gives up to 67% less deflection than conventional wood products
  • A2, s1-d0-fl non-combustibility rating


Quick & easy installation

HardieFloor has a revolutionary slim-line tongue and groove inter-lock system for easy installation.

  • Install direct to joist
  • Tile direct – no additional primer or overlay required


The floor that stays strong

HardieFloor boards don’t expand or contract like wood substrates. Robust and long-lasting, tiled floors remain crack-free.

  • Moisture resistant, robust, dimensionally stable and ready to tile
  • No need to cover installed floor when weather turns bad during build – once installed it can be left exposed to the weather for up to 90 days.  Nor is there need for a primer or overlay: tiles can be directly fixed to the boards
  • Slimline HardieFloor boards make for a seamlessly smooth transition between rooms


Enhance your underfloor heating

Underfloor heating brings you the comfort of warm living. HardieFloor superior thermal transmission allows more heat to transfer where it should: into the room.

  • Our boards conduct heat over 30% more efficiently than chipboard or wood
  • HardieFloor remains solidly intact. It doesn’t expand, contract or squeak like wood due to temperature changes

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James Hardie offers a range of CPD courses for industry design professionals. All of our CPDs are RIBA-approved courses which can be used to claim CPD points.

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I would recommend HardieFloor for anyone looking for a quick, robust, risk free install on a timber floor.

Gary Stevens, Owner of The Fabulous Fascia Company Limited

In this video see Richard Milton, senior technical manager at Millgate Homes, talk about why they chose to use HardieFloor® for a prestigious mixed use development in Kent.

Get the looks

Our cladding comes in colours inspired by nature. Whatever the environment, James Hardie houses always look at home. Warm or cold, fresh or neutral, light or dark? Pick your favourite hues and start living colourfully.

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Composition: Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibre, water, selected additives
Dimensions: 500 x 2400 x 19 mm and 500 x 2400 x 22 mm
Weight: 26 kg and 30 kg
Fire rating: A2, s1-d0-fl
Warranty: 10 years

Product faq

Why is HardieFloor® and HardieFloor dB® made in a sheet size of 500mm?

HardieFloor® and HardieFloor dB® has a size of 500mm to cut down on weight, making it easier to carry. The critical dimension of the board is the length of 2400mm.

Do I need to protect the floor from the weather during the build?

No, the HardieFloor range is weather resistant and can be left exposed to the elements for up to 90 days.

Can I install electric floor heating mats onto HardieFloor®?

Yes, you can in accordance with the heating manufacturers installation instructions.

Is HardieFloor® suitable for use with wet under floor heating?

Yes, due to its unique properties, HardieFloor® will not swell or buckle due to the temperature changes occurring when the under floor heating is in operation. Its thermal conductance properties mean your heating system will react faster and conduct more heat to warming the room.

Is HardieFloor® structural flooring compatible with under floor heating?

Yes, HardieFloor® boards can be used in conjunction with both wet and electric systems.