Why choose HardiePlank?

  •  Flexible design with 21 colours & 2 textures
  •  Lightweight for easy installation
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Non combustible A2 fire rated

Stylish & strong fibre cement cladding

If you’re looking for a versatile, low maintenance weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture, look no further than HardiePlank® fibre cement cladding. It’s the facade of choice for builders and homeowners alike, protecting and beautifying millions of homes.

Made from advanced material fibre cement, HardiePlank cladding is an engineered cellulose-fibre and cement composite that offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance. The unique properties of HardiePlank offers major advantages over conventional cladding materials, providing ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability.

Made to last

With advanced seventh generation technology we’ve created the most durable HardiePlank cladding ever made. Enhanced properties for unmatched durability. Our additives are chemically bonded to provide lasting resistance to rain, hail, wind, fire, rot and pests.

Best of both strength and usability

We’ve found the perfect balance between high-quality Portland cement, sand and cellulose fibre to deliver lightweight, easy-to-cut cladding that installs firm and fast.

Superior dimensional stability

Our cladding is engineered at the microscopic level to create a robust fibre cement composite that doesn’t shrink or split.


See our instructional 8 minute long video above, on how to install HardiePlank cladding. For a more detailed instructions, see our 30 minute long HardiePlank installation video. Or have a look at relevant documents below for further information:

To make sure your cladding is installed perfectly, always use recommended accessories and tools, such as the HardieBlade or GeckoGauge.


Use HardiePlank cladding on your project for maximum versatility. Install it horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create any design. A diverse palette of 21 ColourPlus™ colours provide your building with a better fade-resistant, low maintenance finish. Choose from two textures for even greater design flexibility: a smooth finish for contemporary designs and natural cedar mill – with a pattern that rarely repeats – for a more classic look.

Vertical installation

For a contemporary result, install HardiePlank vertically. You can see an example of HardiePlank smooth vertically installed on this school in Swindon in a mix of bold, bright colours in upright stripes to create a fresh, fun and contemporary aesthetic.

Horizontal installation

For a more traditional look install HardiePlank horizontally. Use HardiePlank cladding in a smooth finish to make it more contemporary or in a cedar mill finish to create that classic look. Or mix vertical and horizontal installation, as done on this new build development in New Romney.

Mixed materials

If you do not want to have a fully cladded house, HardiePlank also works great as an accent or as an addition to other materials. You can of course also mix HardiePlank with other James Hardie cladding products, such as done on this project in France, where both HardiePlank and HardiePanel® cladding was used tighter to create a contemporary look.

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James Hardie offers a range of CPD courses for industry design professionals. All of our CPDs are RIBA-approved courses which can be used to claim CPD points.

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Non-combustible cladding

HardiePlank cladding stands strong even in the most extreme adverse events. Our weatherboards are non-combustible, achieving the highest rating possible (A2, s1-d0) for a coloured facade product. HardiePlank has been extensively fire tested under the 13501-1 suite of fire tests for CE compliance, and would not contribute to the propagation of fire. For more information go to our page on fire resistant cladding.

We looked at all the options, including HardiePlank, and for us it was an easy decision; quick to install, cost effective and beautiful. It just looks and feels perfect.

Bill Jenkins, homeowner

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HardiePlank cladding: Refurbishment of traditional house in East Sussex, UK.

When it came to refurbishing his own coastal property, Malcolm Bruce, senior project manager at Millwood Designer Homes, found the perfect product with HardiePlank in Soft Green with cedar texture. See our interview with Malcolm in the video above.

HardiePlank cladding: New build New England-inspired properties in Reading, UK.

Green Park Village is a large scale development in Reading, created by residential developer St Edward. Each collection at Green Park Village is finished with James Hardie Products, using HardiePlank weatherboard as exterior cladding in seven different colours, plus HardieTrim® as a complement to the cladding.

HardiePlank cladding: Mixed material new build home in South Oxfordshire, UK

When Vision Development South Ltd looked to create new build residential accommodation in the desirable area of Woodcote, differentiation was key. An appropriate mix of high quality building materials and on trend finishing was essential to appeal to prospective homeowners. On the property exteriors, a red and grey brick facade is complemented with HardiePlank weatherboard in Iron Grey cedar texture, to make a dramatic design statement.

HardiePlank cladding: Refurbishment of coastal house in South Hampton, UK

Burridge Road is situated close to the coast, and when the owners looked to extend and improve their property they needed a material to stand up to the elements. HardiePlank weatherboard in Light Mist with a cedar structure was used as an accent across the facade.

Get the looks

Every house forms part of its scenery, whether urban or rural. That’s why James Hardie products are made to fit in seamlessly. We help to build homes that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

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Composition: Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibre, water, selected additives
Properties: HardieZone™ Technology for advanced climate protection
Dimensions: 3600 x 180 x 8 mm
Overlap: 30 mm
Weight: 7.4 kg per plank, 11.419 kg/m²
Density: 1300 kg/m³
Fire rating: A2, s1-d0
Warranty: 10 years

Product faq

How much HardiePlank® cladding will I need and how can I do a rough estimate?

There are approximately two planks to the square metre. Measure the width and height, in metres, of each wall to be clad. Multiply the two dimensions together to give you the area in square metres of each wall and then multiply this total by two to give you the total number of planks for each wall. Add all your walls up and this will be a reasonable guide to how many planks you need to order.

How do I cut HardiePlank® cladding and how can I control the dust?

We sell a range of specialist tools designed to cut our products quickly, effectively and with a minimum of dust. The best are hand tools like the HardieGuillotine™ which is available from your distributor. Always use approved safety glasses and appropriate EN approved respiratory protection (PPE #2 or #3) for particulate hazards when working with HardiePlank® cladding and HardieTrim® NT3™.

What types of trim can be used with HardiePlank® cladding?

HardieTrim® NT3™ is the preferred trim material for use with HardiePlank cladding. HardieTrim® NT3™ has the durability and paint holding characteristics to match the proven performance of HardiePlank cladding. Other trim materials may be used; however some of these may need a more intensive maintenance program.

How do I clean my HardiePlank® facade?

HardiePlank cladding can be cleaned with cold or lukewarm water, if necessary with the addition of a mild household cleaning agent not containing solvents. Always start from the top with well-defined areas. Rinse with plenty of clean water until the facade is perfectly clean. Before cleaning full scale, it is recommended to test the chosen cleaning method on a smaller area to make sure it is likely to be successful. The cladding should be cleaned a minimum of once a year.

Can HardiePlank® cladding be installed vertically?

Yes, you can install the HardiePlank® planks in two manners.

1. Hit & Miss cladding: Overlap the planks by at least 30 mm.
2. Open butt jointed: Please cover all battens with EPDM.