HardieBacker® tile backer board

Moisture sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms are particularly prone to the negative influence of water on tile backer boards. Whereas traditional materials such as plywood and plasterboard are liable to break or disintegrate when wet, have confidence that your job will last with a board in fibre cement that stays strong and firm, no matter how damp it gets. Get the best protection against moisture damage when you use HardieBacker® tile backer board. It’s the floor tiling backerboard of choice wherever superior performance is required.

With its unique cement formulation, HardieBacker board has no loose aggregates or fillers, making it the strongest, most uniform composition.

Quick to install

Save time and money with quick and easy installation.

Strongest on the market

Robust and rigid to provide a dimensionally stable, flat surface for tiling. Takes up to 200kg/m2 of tile hanging weight.

Doesn’t fail

Advanced fibre cement technology means no cracked tiles or grout and no call backs.

Better cuts with HardieBacker

Simple score and snap

Make 2-3 passes with a HardieBacker Score and Snap Knife or any utility knife. Place one hand and knee firmly along the score line and use the opposite hand to pull the board up to snap cleanly in two.

A strong foundation

Tighter seam lines make for a stronger underlay.

Less mess

Less mess and cleaning up when using the score and snap method.


No abrasive debris to scratch floors and sanitary fittings.

Less dust

Less dust with cleaner cuts.

We really didn’t want to have to go back in a few years’ time to make repairs which would damage our bottom line and reputation. In that respect HardieBacker is really good value as it’s the only backing product which could give us the reassurance we were looking for

Jack Jago, Director of Norstone UK