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Hardie® Backer: Hole in One at Shifnal

Hardie® Backer: Hole in One at Shifnal

When Ace Kind Ltd was asked to refurbish and retile the shower and changing facilities at the prestigious Shifnal Golf Club, they were expecting a fairly straightforward job. However, Adrian Holt, a director of the Staffordshire-based building contractors, had no idea that the original plasterboard had started to disintegrate behind the tiles.
‘We only realised there was a serious problem when we started work’ explains Adrian. ‘Over time water had seeped through to the plasterboard, which had started to decay. There was no way we could have mounted new tiles onto the original plasterboard, even if we had wanted to.’

When the contractor highlighted the problem to golf club managers they were given the go-ahead to replace the plasterboard, but rather than repeat the mistakes of the past Ace Kind opted to use Hardie® Backer tile backer board.

According to Adrian; ‘A lot of our business comes through word of mouth and we would hate to be associated with a shoddy job. That’s why we proposed replacing the decayed plasterboard with Hardie® Backer, as we knew that, unlike plasterboard, it has been specifically designed for tiling in wet areas.’

As this was the first time that Ace Kind had used Hardie® Backer cement board, they were initially concerned about how it would be to use, but they were pleasantly surprised.

Nick Symons of Ace Kind commented; ‘Hardie® Backer was easy to cut and the tiles went on really easily and stuck fast. The installation process was exactly the same as ordinary plasterboard so there were no problems there. In fact we used a specialised tiling contractor and he liked it so much he is now specifying it on his own jobs.’

Adrian concludes, ‘I’m really pleased that we decided to use Hardie® Backer cement board on this job. When the benefits were explained the client was more than happy to pay a little bit extra because they knew it guaranteed a quality finish. Similarly, we have peace of mind that the tiles are mounted onto a backerboard which has been specifically designed for wet areas and that it will not decay even if exposed to water.

"We really didn’t want to have to go back in a few years’ time to make repairs which would damage our bottom line and reputation. In that respect Hardie® Backer board is really good value as it’s the only backing product which could give us the reassurance we were looking for."

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