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For Hardie® Backer Tile Backerboard

For the tightest, water-resistant fit Make sure your substrate fits perfectly and stays fixed – with clean-cut edges that align tightly when you use our purpose-made tools and accessories. The Hardie® Backer Score-and-Snap Knife not only guarantees you cut HardieBacker® backer board precisely, but in record time as well. Extra strength screws ensure our impervious and strongest-on-the-market cement board stays fixed, with the power to hold up to 200 kg/m².

Hardie™ Blade Saw Blade

Specially designed to produce only a very low amount of dust, this circular blade is perfect for straight-cutting Hardie® Backer. Using continuous disk or wood blades causes excessive levels of dust and very fast blade wear. Using Hardie™ Blade circular saw keeps blade costs and dust levels down.

Available in 160 mm, fitting 20/16 mm bores, 190 mm, fitting 30/20 mm bores and 254 mm and 305 mm, fixed at 30 mm bores, diameters. For outdoor use only.

Hardie™ Blade Saw Blade is the perfect tool for cutting all James Hardie fibre cement products. 


Hardie™ Backer Score-and-snap knife

Designed with contractors and home owners in mind, this simple yet effective hand tool is perfect for accurate straight cuts on all James Hardie cement boards up to 12 mm thick. Its thick, sturdy handle and long-lasting carbide tipped blade produces a deep groove for an easier score and snap.

Hardie™ Backer screws
for floors, for walls, for metal frames

Self-countersinking, they cut a shaped hole in the fibre cement backerboard, so that as the screw is tightened the head finishes flush with the surface of the board.

  • For wood frames (floors) use: 5.0 x 25mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2
  • For wood frames (walls) use: 5.0 x 32 mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2
  • For metal frames use: 4.8 x 30 mm, diameter head 10 mm PZ2.


This alkaline-resistant, glass-fibre mesh reinforcing tape is perfect for jointing and reinforcing joints on Hardie® Backer 6 mm cement backerboard and Hardie® Backer 12 mm cement backerboard. This product is available in rolls of 50 mm x 15 m.

Cutting Hardie® Backer tile backer board

  • A strong foundation
​​Tighter seam lines make for a stronger underlay.
  • Less mess
Less mess and cleaning up than other cement boards.
  • Non-abrasive 
No abrasive debris to scratch floors.
  • Less dust
No other cement board cuts cleaner.

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