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Exceptional looks that last

With an exterior that’s tougher than the elements yet pleasing to the eye, without the hassle and cost of keeping up appearances. Choose the cladding that is engineered to withstand whatever nature brings, with the stylish beauty that not only looks good, but lasts.

Why James Hardie fibre cement?

The superior characteristics of our fibre cement products make them the preferred, low maintenance choice of professional builders, architects and homeowners alike. James Hardie fibre cement is thinner and lighter-weight, yet stronger and easier to handle than most alternative building materials, ensuring your build moves along faster – with less hold ups and complications.

  • Low maintenance
  • Weather resistant – doesn’t shrink, crack or warp
  • Fire resistant - non combustible A2 fire rated
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Eco-friendly

A beautiful building deserves to stay beautiful.

Whatever the look you’ve got in mind – whether you want to make a bold statement or blend in – enjoy maximum design versatility to create the perfect finish for your project and budget. Mix and match our cladding products and trims in fibre cement to provide your build with lasting character and better fade resistance thanks to our baked-on ColourPlus™ Technology.

Hardie® Plank Product Family

Hardie® Plank fibre cement cladding is our best-selling product, and with good reason: it’s a versatile, low maintenance weatherboard available in a selection of colours and textures.

Hardie® Panel cladding

Hardie® Panel large format cladding panels in fibre cement deliver style and substance. Its crisp, clean lines make Hardie® Panel cladding a smart choice for contemporary designs.

The verdict: Which type of cladding material should you choose?

The truth is, the answer is different for everyone. Our advice is to consider what matters most to you. Then talk to dealers and manufacturers – in the case of dealers, those who specialize in selling different cladding materials can give you the most unbiased view as to the strengths and weaknesses that are likely to have the most impact to your home. If you are not sure where to start, check out our stockist locator.

Many of our dealers sell all three cladding materials and can give you some great pointers and tips, plus the average square metre costs of each product (on the costings side, don’t forget to factor in accessories such as trims which can add costs to your overall budget). ​If you want to know more about fibre cement specifically, please read more on our website or pick up the phone to our customer services team, who will be happy to assist you further.

We also made a page comparing PVC cladding to fibre cement cladding as well as a page comparing wood cladding to fibre cement cladding so you can learn more about the different cladding materials. 
  Hardie® Plank Cladding Wood uPVC

Made with advanced material fibre cement, which has an expected life span in excess of 60 years. Cladding may split, crack and deteriorate season after season. May be susceptible to fading, warping, cracking and sagging over time.


Low Maintenance
With ColourPlus™ technology, a multi-coat, baked on finish that is fade resistant and does not need regular repainting. Moisture movement may cause paint to crack and peel prematurely. Painted wood will need to be re-painted every 5 years and stained wood treated every 3 years. May be susceptible to fading and dis-colouration, cannot be repainted.

Weather Resistant
Engineered for climate. Can be installed all year round and will stand up to storms and harsh winter weather. Likely to have significant cold weather and water damage problems, causing rotting, swelling and shrinkage. Becomes brittle and susceptible to cracking when cold.

Fire resistant and will not ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat; it is non-combustible with a fire classification of A2, s1dO - the highest possible fire rating for a coloured facade board. Combustible material which burns easily and very quickly, producing significant amounts of heat and smoke. Melts and warps when exposed to fire.

Resistant to pests and rodents that can cause damage. Vulnerable to rodent and pest damage. Vulnerable to pests.

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