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Hardie® Plank: A Riverside Place Called Home

Hardie® Plank: A Riverside Place Called Home

When Bill and Angie first moved to Thorpe in 2002, their home consisted of a 100 foot long building made up of three large sheds. 10 years later and with their retirement in sight, they knew they had their dream location, but refurbishing the existing building would have been challenging. After considering the options, they made the bold decision to knock down the old building and undertake a self-build on the existing site.
They opted for a self-build bungalow design by Kingspan Potton called the Dartmoor, a stylish design with cladding. Bill explains his choice: ‘We wanted our home to have a contemporary look and to achieve this cladding was a must. We looked at all the options including Hardie® Plank fibre cement cladding and for us it was an easy decision; quick to install, cost effective and beautiful’

So, why fibre cement instead of wood cladding? ‘There were a number of reasons we didn’t go with natural wood‘ Bill continues. ‘The first one was cost, but mainly our decision was influenced by future maintenance.

‘We are coming into our twilight years, and in five years’ time, I don’t want to be having to be repainting wood cladding or paying someone else a large sum of money to do it for me. With Hardie® Plank cladding, we fully expect it to last for as long as we continue to live here.’

Bill also decided to install the cladding himself with the help of friends, after receiving some on-site training and advice from James Hardie. ‘One of the most important aspects of building your own home is having a close working relationship with a supplier. Therefore, it was great that we had someone to talk to, who gave advice and support when we needed it. James Hardie answered all of our questions, which was very reassuring. We didn’t have this level of support from any other supplier.

Reactions to their new home have been very positive but people don’t believe Bill when he tells them the cladding is made from fibre cement. ‘People are amazed when we tell them”, states Bill, “As it looks and feels just like the real thing, but without the ongoing hassle of expensive maintenance.

‘Without hesitation I would recommend Hardie® Plank cladding. The outside of the house really draws the eye. First impressions count and the reactions we have received have all been ‘wow’ which is exactly what we were hoping for. It just looks and feels perfect.’

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