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Cool Colours

Inspired by the English seascape and its changing skies, calming blues and off whites evoke the chic of classic beachside living. Whether it’s night sky blue or cloud grey, these chic shades offer instant transportation to the stark beauty of the coast, perfect for achieving that classic weatherboard look. Get inspired by our cool colour palette for our fibre cement cladding products.

Evening Blue

Muted gunmetal blue comes alive next to a creamy neutral.

Boothbay Blue

Gorgeous grey-based blue inspired by enduring seascape shades.

Light Mist

Softly sophisticated, this pale lilachued grey evokes classic lines of Kentish beachfront homes.

Arctic White

Timeless, snowy neutral with calming, cool grey undertones.

Designer’s Recommendation

Don’t forget your roof. If it’s in good shape and you like it, then make sure the colour of your cladding goes with it. If you plan on replacing it soon, then don’t worry too much; choose colours you love, and your roof will follow suit.
Using calming colours
The pastels are especially powerful for creating calm in urban settings. Exude classic elegance and create a calming sanctuary using colours such as Soft Green, Light Mist, Boothbay Blue and Pearl Grey.
Creating a modern look with cool colours
As much as colour can add to a house, sometimes it looks best not to use any at all. Don’t be afraid to have an all-white facade. White reflects light and will actually appear to vary in tone throughout the day.
  • Boothbay Blue
Like sitting at the water’s edge just as the sun starts to set, Boothbay Blue has a soothing effect. It is the perfect shade for those who love blue and are looking for a softer option. Match is with an accent in Sail Cloth and trims in Arctic White.
  • Evening Blue

Like a navy blue suit or a midnight-blue evening gown, there is nothing classier than a deep-blue house, whether nestled in the country or city. Evening Blue is a striking shade that works with nearly any style architecture.


Get the looks

Why build a uniform house when there are so many flexible design options? Let’s use nature as a model and play with different textures, lines and looks. James Hardie offers every possibility you dream of: choose a mix of horizontal, vertical or diagonal cladding to give your home a unique look.

Every house forms part of its scenery, whether urban or rural. That’s why James Hardie products are made to fit in seamlessly. We help to build homes that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

ColourPlus™ Technology

For lasting colour, only James Hardie’s exclusive ColourPlus™ Technology provides the looks that you can count on. ColourPlus™ Technology provides a consistent, multi-coat, baked-on finish on your cladding especially created to stand the test of time and endure the harshest of weather conditions.

However good your build: sun, wind, rain and time are the worst enemies of any exterior finish.

Get the looks and coverage that will last with our range of ColourPlus finishes. Specifically formulated to give you a low maintenance, durable exterior, our multi-coat, baked on finish.

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