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Grey Colours

Elegantly sophisticated or mutedly industrial, grey is the insider’s choice for pared-down style and subtle drama. Whether it’s the graphic lines of darkest charcoal or the glow of softest pearl, used as an accent or as a block colour, grey shades remain effortlessly classic. Get inspired by our grey colour palette for our fibre cement cladding products.

Midnight Black
Sleek and velvet dark, a bold modern classic to create maximum impact

Anthracite Grey

A bold modern grey intensified by blue undertones, perfect for creating strongly defined lines.

Iron Grey

Strong statement slate inspired by London’s ornate wrought ironwork.

Grey Slate

A deep warm grey reminiscent of polished antique silver.

Pearl Grey

Elegant white-toned neutral inspired from the softest colours in nature, sand and beach-strewn seashells.

Designer’s Recommendations

Keep in mind when using multiple colours that not all colours should be used in equal amounts; one should take the leading role, with the others playing a supporting role.
  • Iron Grey
    Create the house that everyone notices and admires, just like the unique doors all over old European cities. Iron Grey’s deep, bold shade provides a dramatic yet elegant look. Pair with Arctic White trim for a crisp combination that pops.
  • Grey Slate
    Looking for on-trend cool, contemporary elegance? Grey Slate can soften things up while adding an air of history. This is one of those timeless colours that works as an accent or whole house colour. It also looks great with all other shades of grey in our random.
  • Anthracite Grey
    Create the house that everyone notices and admires. Anthracite Grey’s deep, bold shade exudes confidence, providing a dramatic yet elegant look. Pair with Arctic White trim for a crisp combination that pops.
  • Pearl Grey
    A lighter neutral inspired from the softest colours in nature, pearl grey always feels elegant. Use it as an understated accent, or for a full house wrap.  Don’t be fooled, this colour may seem unassuming, but Pearl Grey evokes a sense that every detail has been considered.


Get the looks

Why build a uniform house when there are so many flexible design options? Let’s use nature as a model and play with different textures, lines and looks. James Hardie offers every possibility you dream of: choose a mix of horizontal, vertical or diagonal cladding to give your home a unique look.

Every house forms part of its scenery, whether urban or rural. That’s why James Hardie products are made to fit in seamlessly. We help to build homes that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

ColourPlus™ Technology

For lasting colour, only James Hardie’s exclusive ColourPlus™ Technology provides the looks that you can count on. ColourPlus™ Technology provides a consistent, multi-coat, baked-on finish on your cladding especially created to stand the test of time and endure the harshest of weather conditions.

However good your build: sun, wind, rain and time are the worst enemies of any exterior finish.

Get the looks and coverage that will last with our range of ColourPlus finishes. Specifically formulated to give you a low maintenance, durable exterior, our multi-coat, baked on finish.

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