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Quick guide on Fire test reports and testing of cladding products

Our fire test report has been updated! But what does this mean? Fire reports can be difficult to understand, and therefore we thought we would explain it here for you.
James Hardie aims for the safest most fire resistant cladding on the market. All our fibre cement cladding products have the highest fire rating (A2 s1-d0) possible for a coloured exterior product, which means that they are non combustible, but more on this further down.

What is a fire test report?

Fire reports has to be done for all cladding products. And they have to comply with Building Regulations to gain Building Control approval in order to build in the UK.
Fire test reports test a number of criteria such as how a material reacts to fire, smoke production, heat transmission, flame spread, and emission of flaming particles. This in short, ensures that the building materials used in the overall construction is acceptable in case of fire.

Who does the testing?

Testing companies accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) such as EXOVA, BRE Group, Effective and Chiltern Fire are able to test materials, products and systems to ensure compliance with fire test standards.
UKAS is a private, not for profit organisation and is appointed as the national accredited body to asses against internationally agreed standards, such as the ISO. They provide certification, testing and inspection services in different areas, one of them being fire testing and certifications.

What tests are conducted?

The tests conducted depend on the product and the use of the product, in this case Hardie® Plank weatherboard and Hardie® Panel cladding panels, which are used as exterior cladding products in residential housing and in commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals.
The tests are all ISO standardised test and classification is carried out in accordance with clause 10 of EN 13501-1:2002. The tests conducted are:
  • EN ISO 1182: tests, max temp rise, duration of flaming and mass loss
  • EN ISO 1716: how the top coat burns
  • EN 13823: single burning item test

What was the result?

Hardie® Plank and Hardie®  Panel fibre cement weatherboards were found to be compliant with all conducted tests and achieving the maximum fire protection rating for coloured facade products A2 s1-d0:
  • A2: reaction and behavior to fire
  • s1: smoke production.
  • d0: classification in relation to flaming droplets/particles

The tests also shows that no flame retardant additives were used in the production of our fibre cement cladding products.

What does this mean for you?

As our fibre cement cladding has the highest fire rating, it will help to keep you and your family safe from fire in your home. The rating A2, means that the cladding is non combustible and will not contribute to the spreading of fire. And since our cladding will not ignite when exposed to direct flame or contribute fuel to a fire, it will not produce harmful smoke either.
Due to James Hardie cladding holding the classification of A2 s1-d0. This means that our cladding complies with all of the current building regulations for fire, regardless of building use, building height or boundary condition.

To view a copy of the Fire Test Report for James Hardie cladding products, click here.

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